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Solace - Released! ~ Tons of Information

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Hello Solace Community,

October 5th will go down in history as the official day that Solace releases.


Nintendo Switch Giveaway

If you didn't already know, we are giving away a Nintendo switch to the first person that reaches prestige 10.

Click here for more information about the giveaway


Bugs on Release

Solace was in development for over 2 months, with pretty much every system in the game being altered or redone.

We are expecting there to be bugs, if you find any please report them in #bug-reports on Discord


Need help? Contact support

If you need help from an Owner and we are currently not available, type ::support in-game to open the support page.

The first thing you should always do is try to contact a staff member. The staff team is here to help you 🙂


Mystery box 1 (delayed release)

When you login game you should automatically see a free mystery box added to your inventory.

This mystery box is for the release being delayed 1 day.


Mystery box 2 (introductions)

Type ::intro in-game and select 'Check for introduction reward'


This mystery box is for the introduction event that we are running. This event will continue after the release of Solace.

If you are not able to claim this mystery box but you have made an introduction, this most likely means that your forum name is incorrect and you will need to contact an owner to resolve this issue.


Mystery box 3 (#redeem)

Type ::intro in-game and select 'Check for redeem reward'

This mystery box is from the redeem event we were running if you posted your introduction in #redeem on Discord.

This event is now discontinued.


Old Solace Refunds

If you have been promised a refund, don't panic your refund is coming.

You will need to contact an owner (Finch) in order to get your refund.

The best way to contact him is through ::support or on discord


How to claim your Solace refund after it has been given to you

Type ::wallet in-game you will get a screen that looks like this:


Click check wallet to see how much you currently have available to spend.


Go to the ::store and add items to your cart that you want to purchase.

Make sure the price is under the amount you have in your wallet.

Take note of the 'total' on the checkout page.


Go back to the game and type ::wallet again, select 'Create wallet code' and input the amount you want to spend.


You will get a wallet code... Don't worry you don't need to write it down. You can check your codes at any time.


Go back to the store checkout and enter your wallet code into the 'username'


Click checkout, if the page redirects to PayPal something is wrong with your code and you will need to contact an owner.

If it worked, it will redirect straight to the store page. After you click checkout go in-game and type ::claim

Click 'check for donations'



I can't claim my donation, because I am an ironman

Solace limits ironman accounts to specific items that they are allowed to buy in the donator store.

If you get this message, it means you have a problem. But don't panic!


Contact an owner immediately to fix this issue.


When I join Solace, how do I make money?

You can make money on Solace by doing pretty much anything.

Pking > Kill players > Get blood money > Spend at blood money dealer in ::shops

Bossing > Kill bosses > Get boss points > Spend at boss point shop in ::shops

Skilling > Thieving > Steal from stalls, sell the items to the 'Merchant'

Kill Dragons > Get Bones > Sell bones to players

Skilling > Contact skillers to collect resources/supplies for them at a cost

Voting > Vote daily to get rewards > Spend at sir vyvin inside edgeville bank

Trivia > Question pops up in chat > Answer it as fast as possible > Spend points at trivia point shop in Edgeville bank

Kill global bosses > Every so often a global wilderness boss will spawn > Kill it > Get very good drops


How do I start skilling, effectively?

Skilling on Solace is very easy, to start skilling select any skill in your skills tab.

You will be able to teleport directly to where you need to be to do that certain skill.

These locations will have shops that you can use to buy stuff to skill with.

We have many updates planned for skilling such as living rock cavern, etc.

There is also a location in the wilderness that will give you skilling boosts 😉

Don't forget to vote for 20% experience boost.

There are certain outfits you will get from skilling that also provide xp boosts.


How to be a Pro Ironman

All ironman modes on Solace work, we have many updates planned for ironman aswell.

If you find something that doesn't seem right with the modes, please contact management immediately.


I found a dupe, should I report it?

If you find a dupe in the game, we will reward you either in-game money or IRL money depending on how serious the dupe is.

We have advanced logs to detect accounts that are duping, and if we find the dupe before you report it your account will be permanently banned and you will not get any sort of reward.


Update Schedule

We will be releasing an update schedule soon that we will stick to.


Developer Livestreams

We will be starting to do weekly developer livestreams like the original Solace had.

Unfortunately I was never able to join in on the old livestreams, but I will be in the ones on the new Solace.


Have fun playing Solace!

If you need any help feel free to contact us for help.

Solace Staff Team

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Awesome work!

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Good work guys! Can’t wait to play.


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PoG ChaMpP

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Im confused solace has already been released this is a re release.

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it says error connecting to server 😕

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