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Solace Refund Policy

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Hello Solace Community!


As many of you know, Solace has had a past life as an OSRS based server. Unfortunately, this base and team did not work out to our hopes and we ended up closing our doors to re-brand and release a more promising project. Which is where we are today!

To those of you who donated in the past, we are offering a 50% refund on all donations! The reason we are only offering 50% is because my previous partner is no loner with us, who held 50% of the budget. So I am refunding all donations that were accredited to myself.

We are going to have a cut-off date where you can no longer claim your old donations. We want to avoid a case where we have a built and healthy economy, and then someone comes along and claims an old donation two-three months into our servers economy.

Start Date: 10/1/19

End Date: 11/1/19


How To Claim:


Simply fill out the form below and private message me on discord or here on the forums with this completed form. Your form will be ran through a series of checks and you will be accredited accordingly.

Once accredited, login to Solace and type ::refund and you will be credited any standing balance owed to you.


🧾 Form: 🧾

- Former In-Game Name:
- Donation Total:

- Photo of transaction IDs:

- Former In-Game Rank:


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