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Solace - Plans, Release Date, Updates, + General Information

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Hello Solace Community!


If you are new to Solace, welcome!

This topic has a lot of helpful information about the Solace release.

Click here to make an introduction and get an additional FREE mystery box on login!

After you make your introduction, join discord and post it in #redeem to get an EXTRA mystery box on launch day.


The development on Solace started mid-august and has been going through September.

Now at the time of this post it is September 18th & the release is October 4th. 16 DAYS TO GO!


Join our discord!

Join our discord to stay up to date on all behind the scenes / sneak peaks that you don't see on the website.

Also chat with the community and give us your input on the game before release!

Currently we have 149 members on our discord and climbing every day!



Subscribe to the Finch RSPS YouTube Channel

Many updates regarding Solace are posted on finches YouTube channel.

Click here to subscribe

Click here to view videos


Follow the Solace Instagram : SolaceRSPS


Here we will be posting many pictures of Solace behind the scenes.


Solace official release date: October 4th

This release date gives us more than enough time to get everything accomplished,

and a few extra days encase anything pops up.


Sneak peaks of stuff we have been working on (also in sneak peaks on discord!)
















We are very excited for the release, and what solace will have to offer to the RSPS community.

Thank you for reading,

Solace Management

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Thanks for making this Jonny! And good post to refer new players joining our discord to for all the relevant information they will need! Good work mate 

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Found 1337 results

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Screens looking awesome!

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Yeaaah boi 



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Looks sick! pretty excited to get started!

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