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  1. Nintendo64

  2. Nintendo64

    OS: Windows 10 Processor: AMD Athlon X4 880K Quad Core Processor, 4000 Mhz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Monitor: 21 inch AOC Gaming Ram: 8GB Razer Abyssus Mouse + Mouse Mat.
  3. Nintendo64

    GPU: Gigabyte RTX2070 Super Gaming OC dude are you literally playing inside the screen holding the gun yourself HD ready with these graphics? I got a 1060 3GB and it’s not too shabby but nothing special now, is that 2070 8GB brand new??
  4. Nintendo64

    Won’t be me as a skiller but i also wonder who it will be and also first to 10th prestige.
  5. Nintendo64

    pretty dope plan dude good luck and i'm the same i'm not a fan of like summoning but as a skiller i wont be touching it so 😛
  6. Nintendo64

    NICE and oh ye welcome bro
  7. Nintendo64

    Skiller all day. 99’s and loads of total exp!
  8. Nintendo64

    welcome dude. put all that effort in Solace and make them Gaiiinzz
  9. Nintendo64

    Sup nick my duude welcome
  10. Nintendo64

    welcome to solace
  11. Nintendo64

    broo you know this. 100% let's get them 99's 😄
  12. Nintendo64

    good man and thanks g first day today of many haha it will 100% benefit me stopping both especially smoking!
  13. Nintendo64

    i do quite a bit like every weekend this year i've been out drinking and smoking alot like 10 pints and 20 cigs on the weekend 😕 thanks my man and you though 🙂
  14. Nintendo64

    starting tomorrow 01/10/19 i will be venturing on my journey to a booze/smoking free month throughout all of October. thank god for Solace to keep me sane and occupied.. kind of getting bored of drinking loads down my local pub and smoking like a chimney fucking up my lungs. will be nice to save a bit of cash as well rather than wasting it every Friday night.. you will all see me online ALOT every single day grinding like madness to gain them 99's and loads of exp 😄 anyone else doing it ? 😛 if so GL to me and to anyone else haha.
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