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    Hello Solace Community, This update took a lot of work in order to bring it to life because the new YouTube system required a lot of work. If you have ever voted on a toplist before, I'm sure you know about the struggles of.. "I voted but I didn't get my reward?", "Why won't this damn captcha just go through..", "Why do I have to open random websites and click a button to get a reward?". Toplists have been around for a LONG time and it's time for something new that players can actually interact with and enjoy. YouTube voting has been born. Content YouTube Voting Type ::vote, ::youtube, or ::yt and you will see the following interface: Click on 'watch' and the youtube video will open in your browser. Comment on the video with your in-game name in it, like this. After you comment, you can go in-game and click 'collect' on the video you commented on it. It will scan the video and search for a comment that has your in-game name. If your comment is over 40 characters you will get an extra goodie bag. When the video gets 100 comments, the video will automatically be removed. Only one youtube channel can claim a reward PER video. Only one in-game account can claim a reward PER video. For YouTubers/Staff only: YouTubers and staff can post videos on here. When typing ::vote this will pop up: Only high ranking staff members can delete a video that is currently active. When selecting 'Post youtube video' you will see the following interface: When posting a video, you will get a free super mystery box. You can only post 2 videos at a time. Videos get deleted at 100 comments, or once it is 3 days old. The youtube video must be created within the last 3 days. The youtube video title must have 'Solace' in it. The youtube video description must have solaceps.com in it. Make sure when posting a video you use ctrl+v to paste the link into the input box. Abuse of this system will result in your rank being removed. Goodie bags Goodie bags were created around the idea of the 'goodie bag 1-28 event'. You currently get goodie bags from commenting on youtube videos. When you open your goodie bag you will get a reward: Or if you want to just quickly open all, you can right click and select 'open-all' You can get very rare rewards from these goodie bags, up to a partyhat!! You can now make darts by using feathers on dart tips You can now make dart tips from smithing You can now get dragon dart tips from dragon implings Wilderness bosses drop blood money again Improvements Removed chaotics from ultimate box Changed the stock to 10k in the range store for darts / knifes Iron man can now access the summoning shop Added some flower scenery to the gamble area so it looks more like a gambling area Added a banker outside the gamble area Iron man can now access the herblore shop Skeletal mystics drop 500k a kill, and increased chance of getting rare drops Bugs Fixed farming resetting when logging out/closing client Fixed bug where you can't plant flowers at the gamble area Fixed bug where you can't light a fire in some places Fixed bug where galvek would announce a super rare drop when you got a rare Fixed not being able to put runes in rune pouch Solace Development Team Jonny, Master Cut22
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    Hey everyone, Most of you guys only know me from the original Solace, so I have decided to share my full story with you so you know who is developing/owning the game your playing โค๏ธ My name is Jonathan, but I go by Jonny in the RSPS scene. I'm 19, and I live in Texas with my amazing girlfriend that I have been with for almost 2 years. 2014/15 I started developing RSPS and I owned the popular PvP RSPS known as 'SpawnScape' this was a remake, but I later went on to own it with the original owner Jet kai until it closed. I was a very inexperienced owner/developer, but I managed to get my server to a steady 80+ online. @amir @ethan are 2 veterans from my first ever RSPS. 2015 In the beginning of 2015, I took a break for awhile. I went on to develop for a very corrupt custom rsps that was and still is the biggest custom RSPS in the scene. Some know my past with this, TLDR: I was scammed for a lot of money and my reputation was nearly tarnished 2016 I opened the second largest PRE-EOC rsps of 2016 known as RuneLive I was still in highschool at the time, and I left the server to my partners so I could focus on school for a few weeks near the end of the year. I came back and RuneLive was on an unstoppable downhill spiral. We decided to rebrand to Chaos, and a similar situation happened. Some veterans from RuneLive are @Spencer @Tev End of 2016 - Beginning of 2017 I went on to work on the popular RSPS known as 'Chaos' that averaged 100 online. Unfortunately this RSPS closed shortly after. End of 2017 - Beginning of 2018 Me and my partner opened the RSPS known as Armadyl. It was going awesome, until school for both of us came around and we didn't have time to continue. The player count dropped due to lack of funds/no advertising and it led to no updates being done and the server closing shortly after. School was 75% of the reason this closed. From the popular RSPS I owned 'RuneLive' I had saved EVERY dollar I made from it hoping to re-invest it into an RSPS I would open in the future. This money was legitimately sitting in my bank account for 2 years until it came time that I was no longer planning on opening another RSPS. I bought my first car (2015 dodge challenger) & I met my girlfriend that I am still with to this day. In June I graduated from highschool having no plans for my future. 2018 I graduated from highschool. I was making essentially no money having no source of income. I had to sell my car. R.I.P. my car After blowing cash faster than I could think - both me and my girlfriend moved 2000 miles from Oregon to Texas, both being 18 this was a huge decision and the biggest event ever in my life. At the time I only had $3000 left to my name and no job. End of 2018 - Middle of 2019 Now being more independent in my life, having more time on my hands. I got back together with my old partner to open Runique 2 This project was very unexpected as I was not planning to ever work on RSPS again. I worked day and night, to get this project going and it lasted for 8ish months until it came to an end. Unfortunately, the partner I was working with was very inexperienced and we had lots of arguments/fights that led to the server having bad management decisions. 2019 After Runique, I got a job at many popular servers one being Solace. This year was very tough on me, my family disowned me due to decisions I made, I lost my friends, I lost my brother to drugs, I had times where I had a negative balance in the bank & no way to pay my bills. Sometimes I had no clue what I was going to do, but somehow I always pulled through. For the first year of us living in Texas, we didn't even have a car. No washing machine. No nothing. We made the best of it. I had days where I would stay up for 40 hours straight working on misc servers just so I could pay my bills. Now Owning Solace, and I still work on other servers occasionally to ensure my bills are always paid. I am no longer in debt, I have met some awesome people and I am excited to see what the future holds. I don't have plans to ever close Solace, even if people stop playing it. Solace is the FIRST RSPS I have 100% owned since 2014. Because I hold all the executive power to make decisions, and run it the way I can. This is what makes Solace unique out of any RSPS I have EVER owned. Over time with many updates, I plan to make Solace into the best pre-eoc rsps. I have seen a lot of success and failures, but I have learned from all my mistakes and I have done my best to see the best in everything. If you made it to the end, thank you for reading. This is the story of my life. Jonny
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    Hello Solace Community, I was planning to release a video explaining this update. I'm not a YouTuber, so my commentary was not the best so I have decided to not release it. Dracula For the halloween event this year in Solace, we have released Dracula into the game. Where to find Dracula? Dracula will spawn every 30 minutes in 1 of 3 possible locations. The possible locations are: West of Edgeville bank, North-west of Duel Arena lobby, South-west of slayer tower. What does Dracula drop? Every player that deals damage to Dracula will receive a drop. The drops are 1/15 to get a halloween box, 1/5000 to get a pumpkin. What does a pumpkin do? Using a pumpkin on a regular twisted bow will turn it into a halloween twisted bow. Halloween Boxes For this years Halloween event, we have released Halloween boxes. To get Halloween boxes, you can get them from mining shooting stars, cutting evil trees, or killing Dracula. Flaming Skulls To get flaming skulls, you must open Halloween boxes. The flaming skulls are the best in slot melee helm with 5 strength bonus. Once you get a skull, you can change the color at any time. Draconic abyssal whip The draconic abyssal whip is the second best melee weapon in the game. You can get the draconic abyssal whip by opening halloween boxes. Pumpkin Pete Pet You can get a pumpkin pete pet from opening halloween boxes. The pumpkin pete pet has a drop rate increase of 5%. In this update, we also made it so you can bring your pets anywhere. Halloween Twisted Bow The halloween twisted bow is the best weapon in the game. You can get it from opening halloween boxes, or using a pumpkin on a regular twisted bow. Social Code System If you follow our social media pages every so often you will see a post pop up that you can use to get a reward. Example: The first 15 people to use code 5goodies will get 5 free goodie bags! Once 15 people use that code, it will dry out and nobody else can use it, so it is very important to follow our social media pages. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SolacePS Instagram: Follow 'solacersps' Lunderwin Godwars Teleporting When you teleport to godwars, instead of having to run all the way to the boss you want to kill you can now easily teleport there by talking to lunderwin. Pickpocketing - Master Farmers You can now train thieving by pickpocketing master farmers. The master farmers are located at the farming teleport. Skiller (Coming soon) A skiller has been added to home, this represents the new prestige zone & skilling shop we will be adding. Improvements: You now get 50 dart tips instead of 25 from dragon implings Darts are now dropped from: King black dragon (50) Frost dragons (50) Brutal green dragons (50) Green dragons (25) Reworked raids great olm drop table so it only has raid items as the reward. Twisted bow is the rares drop possible and it is the only item in that drop table. Planting flowers no longer requires donator rank Nerfed dragonkin lamps by 66% Reworked the twisted bow. Tested with wearing void, and twisted bow, drank range pot, and turned rigour on. Max hit was 93. With halloween twisted bow, max hit was 105. ::max now shows your max hits instead of max accuracy Zaryte bow has been buffed. Dieng at edgeville is now a safe death Loot from artifacts now say that it is from an artifact instead of just saying the item it came from The bonus experience timer will now send you an alert every 20 minutes, if your bonus xp is under 10 minutes it'll send you an alert every 2 minutes. You can now bring pets anywhere. Added a gamble ban command. Cannon has been added to the iron man store. Bug Fixes: Fixed being able to special attack from a distance with magic Fixed not being able to wear diving apparatus Dwarf multi cannon no longer gives hp experience Dwarf multi cannon now gives the correct amount of range xp. Fixed the serpentine helm bonuses You can no longer spam click the zulrah teleport to spawn mass zulrahs Fixed a bug with auction house stealing your stackable items Fixed evil tree randomly stopping cutting down You can't roll a 0 while dicing anymore Solace Development Team Jonny, Master Cut22
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    This is the official update schedule that Solace will be following. This schedule may not always be accurate, but for the majority we will do our best to follow this schedule. Every Monday an update will be released for bug fixes & improvements. Every Thursday night we will be releasing a content update. On Thursdays we normally will release new additions to the game. This update usually will happen later in the day. Sometimes the Thursday update will happen on a Friday. An update may also be done on a Friday to fix issues from the Thursday content update.
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    Hello Solace Community, In this update we are releasing Theatre of Blood. The Theatre of Blood only contains the final boss Verzik Vitur but we do plan to add more bosses/features to it in the future such as a leaderboard and spectating. Theatre of Blood How to get there Open the teleports and go to the 'minigames' tab. You will see 'Theatre of Blood'. How to create a party Create a party in your player panel. This interface is the same one used on Raids 1. Click on other players that are at the Theatre of Blood to invite them to your party. If you are the owner of your party, you can leave at any time and rejoin by clicking 'Create'. How to start the Theatre of Blood Click on the entrance Then select 'Start Theatre of Blood' If you are soloing, it will start immediately. If you have other party members, they have 60 seconds to join before it starts! After you join, search the skeleton for a dawnbringer. You will need this for Phase 1. Phase X - Talking to Verzik Vitur When you are ready to begin the fight, talk to Verzik Vitur north of the boss room. Phase 1 - Pillar hiding Congratulations, you have made it to the Verzik Vitur fight! For this phase the Dawnbringer you collected when you searched the skeleton is very important. Use the special attack on Verzik vitur then drop it so your party members can pick it up and use it. Hide behind the pillars, while attacking Verzik vitur. Timing is key in this phase. Protection prayer is not needed on this phase, his magic attack will hit you regardless of what you are praying. If you time it correctly by running behind the pillar while the attack is flying at you, the hit will MISS completely and you will avoid damage being dealt to both you and the pillar. Phase 2 - Bombs away For this phase, you will want to pray magic. You will need to avoid the poison bombs that will fly at you. If you get hit it will deal up to 350 damage! Red spiders will spawn every so often, you will need to run around to avoid it from getting near you. If it gets near you it will deal 500 damage. It's recommended to bring some sort of freezes to freeze it when it is coming at you. When this purple spider spawns, you need to kill it immediately because it heals verzik vitur 100 damage every 5 ticks. Phase 3 - Mobility Verzik is ALMOST dead! 1 more phase!! In this phase, Verzik becomes mobile and will follow you around the arena. He can hit with melee, range, and magic. The key idea of this phase is to hit it from a distance, while prayer flicking his range/magic attack. Be careful if he gets too close, he can use a melee attack that will deal a high amount of damage! Congratulations! You have defeated Verzik Vitur! Go north and enter the treasure room. Click the chest to get your reward! Click the teleport crystal to leave You will be back at theatre of blood. Repeat for those juicy rewards ๐Ÿ˜‰ Rewards 1/900 to get scythe of vitur (best wep in game) 1/850 to get justiciar (best armour ingame) and ghrazi rapier (second best melee wep in game) 1/500 to get the avernic defender (best melee defender in game) Report issues If you find any issues with this update, please report them to us immediately and they will get fixed. Halloween Chest The halloween chest has been added into the game for 1 week! The chest will take your common items from the halloween box and give you purple sweets and a 1/500 chance to get 1 of 6 halloween mask colors! The purple sweets are a stackable food that heals 120 damage. Other: Dracula will be in the game for 4-5 more days. His drop rate is now 1/5 for halloween boxes instead of 1/15! Fixed a bug where doing 'clear all' on auction house would make you lose items. Wearing the serpentine/tanz helm will protect you from venom/poison. Purple sweets now heal you 130 damage. Fixed a bug where nex wouldn't respawn. When selling stackable items to the general store and not having any inventory slots, the coins will now go to your pouch instead of disappearing. Solace Development Team Jonny, Master Cut22
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    What's up Solace players? Here is a little introduction about me: I am an 18 year old guy that lives in Egypt I made some decisions that led to me being around lots of guns and dangerous people anyways that's enough about my personal life. I used to own a RuneScape server a couple of years ago and I used to be a Co-owner in another one which you can find on Youtube if you search for "BionicScape rsps" (Both servers have been shut down for years) I used to play RuneScape a lot growing up so when I got an e-mail like a week ago or something I was excited to try this new Solace server and to be honest I like it a lot, the amount of content and updates being added is really good. Anyways that was a little introduction to help the community to get to know me a little bit more. (Feel free to DM me on Discord if you want a larger introduction xD) Good luck with your drops and PKing and hope to see you around on Solace!
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    Hey guys, most of you will probably already know me but I thought i'd make a post here because I'm going to try and be more active on the forums. Going to try and max and earn the YouTuber rank ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Ur the best Jonny and im glad to be part of ur team! โค
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    Well nice to meet you g, hope you enjoy solace.
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    So as a returning Donator, and with my refund I decided I would do something that people might like... Untradeables Uncommon Here are the results: Seer's Ring Fire Cape Amulet of Glory (4) Flameburst Defender Seer's Ring Warrior Ring Zuriel's Robe Bottom Warrior Ring Rune Platebody Warrior Ring Warrior Ring Seer's Ring Berserker Ring Berserker Ring Fire Cape Rune Platebody Ava's Accumulator Berserker Ring Warrior Ring Berseker Ring Karil's Set Rune Platebody Archer's Ring Barrow's Gloves Warrior Ring Barrow's Glovess Saradomin Cape Ava's Accumulator Seer's Ring Dragon Hunter Crossbow Rune Platebody Rune Platebody Berserker Ring Barrow's Gloves Warrior Ring Barrow's Ring Barrow's Ring Rune Platelegs Dragon Scimitar (or) Dragon Scimitar (or) Saradomin Cape Saradomin Cape Fire Cape Seer's Ring Warrior Ring Ava's Accumulator Rune Platebody Berserker Ring Saradomin Cape Saradomin Cape
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    Great voting system, will also build our community on Youtube ! FeelsGoodMan !!!
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    Hello EVERYONE ! To kick off the week, at 09:00pm CEST TODAY Clan ENVY will be hosting Hide and Seek for all account types with a NON-DONOR/Donor status with at least 24 hours in-game time played. The winner will receive 1X Bandos Tassets / 1X Bandos Chestplate ! This is to help push players into wanting to dive deeper into the Solace community and discover the benefits of being a donator! The reason I say 24 hours is because it helps prevent just anyone from receiving a reward and doing what they please with it; as I feel beginner Non-Donors who have invested that time are willing to stick around in the community. Though I am aware of plenty of alternate accounts that people use for skilling or anything else, I feel 24 in-game hours invested into any game is not too low but not too high for new players in the community. The winner will have to present their time played by navigating to their game panel (Quest Tab), and screen shot their "Playtime". It must be 24 hours minimum. 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds will not count (sorry)! Good luck to all who participate! Donator benefits can be found in the FAQ guide in Guide section of Solace Forums. 15/10/2019 GIVEAWAY : 1. Giveaway - 2. Giveaway - Thanks to ENVY Clan for hosting this Giveaway @Zexy @Mr Nexus @Duje @decimate14 @Joker @Iron cj Make sure to post screenshot of your playtime here before event starts, Stay active in-game and wait for HINTS that will @Zexy Give to you in global ::yell chat ! Once again, Good luck and have fun !
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    Ahoy! My name is Enkrona & i'm from Sweden. Been playing Runescape on and off since late 2004 and private servers since around 08-09. Golden days for me was probably around 2011. Beside playin SolacePS I work and study computer languages.
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    I just wanna give you a big hug
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    It's good finally know a bit about you and your dedication to this server, glad to know you're not looking to give up on the server. Currently have 170 hours clocked in and it keeps on climbing, keep me hooked, Jonny!
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    Happy to be apart of your many servers my man! If you ever need anything from me Iโ€™m only a few blocks away! Will always be a life long follower of your work!
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    Hi, my name is Amir. Nice to meet you guys, hope to see you all ingame.
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    Hi i'm heavyb I am fairly new to solace but so far i'm loving the content!
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    Legit best intro!
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    Welcome to Solace! ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Good Day everyone, I am Growth also known as Pithon... I am a returning player to Solace, having been donator and now looking to play once again; I hope that I can benefit the community and also be benefitted by the community. Thank you, Growth or Pithon
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    hey watsup ign is future i love skilling and doing some bossing as well as learning raids ๐Ÿ™‚ feel free to pm me in game !
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    Hey yall I'm new here and looking to get to know all of you and to enjoy this server!
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    Hey guys, i've been mythbusting yesterday and found out that it is possible to open goodie bags or mysterious boxes during dungeoneering, but when you're done you will lose your reward ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    Hi, My names Jason but in game i'll go by Revit4lized. I'm 26 from UK. Aint played rs for over 10years so bare with me:P May need a lot of questions answered aha. See you all in-game! โค๏ธ
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    Hello everyone! My ingame-name is Bonkers as you all can see. I'm from Belgium but i just want that mbox LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ greetz!!!
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    I have received payment and have been given the $100 reward for winning first place in the Ironman maxing event.
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    I've been paid $100 to in game wallet for second place regular account maxing.
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    I have been paid the $100 via Paypal for winning the maxing event for the Regular accounts ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Hello Solace Community! As many of you know, Solace has had a past life as an OSRS based server. Unfortunately, this base and team did not work out to our hopes and we ended up closing our doors to re-brand and release a more promising project. Which is where we are today! To those of you who donated in the past, we are offering a 50% refund on all donations! The reason we are only offering 50% is because my previous partner is no loner with us, who held 50% of the budget. So I am refunding all donations that were accredited to myself. We are going to have a cut-off date where you can no longer claim your old donations. We want to avoid a case where we have a built and healthy economy, and then someone comes along and claims an old donation two-three months into our servers economy. Start Date: 10/1/19 End Date: 11/1/19 How To Claim: Simply fill out the form below and private message me on discord or here on the forums with this completed form. Your form will be ran through a series of checks and you will be accredited accordingly. Once accredited, login to Solace and type ::refund and you will be credited any standing balance owed to you. ๐Ÿงพ Form: ๐Ÿงพ - Former In-Game Name: - Donation Total: - Photo of transaction IDs: - Former In-Game Rank:
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